Our CLAMSHELL-STYLE BOOK BOX is an attractive addition to any book collection. It is custom-made to fit the book it contains, thus providing support and protection to the volume it encloses. Our book boxes are labeled on the spine and sit on the shelf, just like a book. This makes for an aesthetically pleasing and suitable means for housing a fragile volume or a book that is in excellent condition and must remain so. Clamshell boxes are constructed of the board used for book covers over which book cloth is wrapped, producing a well-functioning, neatly crafted box. A variety of colors of cloth are available. If desired, leather may be incorporated into the design of the clamshell box--either in combination with cloth or alone. SLIPCASES are another type of protective book box. A slipcase houses the book while still allowing the book's spine to be fully visible. Like clamshell-style boxes, slipcases are made individually to fit each book and are available in a variety of colors and materials.


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 Protective Book Boxes

CAT TAIL RUN PRODUCES BOXES for protecting books--of these the most common are slipcases and rare book boxes (in the clamshell style). These protective enclosures are available with or without a chemise (a folder to wrap the book as it rests within its slipcase or book box). All our boxes are made using pH neutral materials.

Clamshell Box (opened)

full-cloth Clamshell Boxes

leather-bound book
shown with its
three-quarter-leather clamshell box

quarter-leather clamshell box