Curriculum Overview


We have numerous classes in our Core Courses series, Special Topics series, and there are two Focus Weeks in 2016: Marbling Week & Boxing Week. See below for the classes within each series and click on a workshop’s name to access the registration flier for that class.

The Core Courses

Advanced Leather Binding Restoration (April 7-8)
New Cloth Binding Construction (May 19-20)
Introduction to Book Restoration (June 16-17 OR July 21-22 OR August 18-19)
Clamshell Box Making (October 13-14)
Introduction to Paper Repair (October 27-28)

The content of these six classes provides students with what
they need to develop a basic competency in bookbinding. These
six classes also serve as a necessary foundation for the more
challenging classes of the Master Series.

course description

Special Topics Series

Fore-Edge Painting & Edge Treatments (July 28-29)
Book Sewing Intensive (August 4-5)
Introduction to Papermaking (October 6-7)

Special Topics workshops are opportunities to delve deeply
into key subjects that are essential to understanding how books
have been crafted over the centuries.


Focus Weeks

Marbling Week September 7 - 13, 2016
Pigment Grinding & Marbling Ink Preparation (September 7)
Historical Marbled Paper Patterns (September 8 - 9)
Beginning Paper Marbling (September 12 - 13)

Boxing Week October 13 - 19, 2016
Clamshell Box Making (October 13 - 14)
Victorian-Era Structures (October 15)
Advanced Clamshell Box Making (October 17 - 18)
Preservation Enclosures for Rare Materials (October 19)