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Small Edition Binding

CAT TAIL RUN takes pride in its work in small edition binding. We help design the cover and then undertake the binding of publications produced in small quantities (generally under 500 copies). We have bound small editions for genealogists, historians, poets, and linguists. We regularly work with small presses to produce satisfying results. A recent binding project, A Week in the Lake District (a journal written in haiku) by John Elsberg, was nominated for the 1999 Poetry Award given annually by the Virginia State Library.

Many people have us bind copies of genealogies they have compiled or life stories they have written. These make lovely keepsakes to pass down through the family.


When you are preparing a small edition and believe you may want the services of a hand bookbinder for the binding of your work, it is always good to consult the binder prior to the printing of the publication. Binders often require certain features in the printed portion of the book in order to produce the best possible binding.